Archaeoinformatics - Data Science

Current Projects

Projects in Archaeology

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Projects in Marine Science

Cross-Domain Marine Data Fusion: Discover Knowledge on Open Ocean Oyxgen Minimum Zones
Interdisciplinary project with Prof. Dr. Martin Visbeck, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel and University of Kiel, Ocean Circulation and Climate Dynamics
From Geological Text to Knowledge (GeoTeK): Investigation of scalable text mining methods for discovering and managing marine geological data
Interdisciplinary project with Prof. Dr. Klaus Wallmann, GEOMAR, FB Marine Biogeochemistry

Projects in Life & Medical Science

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Past Projects


    DataScience, Steering Committee

    Duration: from 2016

    DataLab is an initiative of the College of Science at George Mason University conducting multidisciplinary research and developing solutions on large-scale Data Analytics. Our faculty also provides education and training in Data Science and Data Analytics.

    DataLab engages researchers across George Mason working on Computational and Data Sciences, as well on data-intensive application areas, such as Medical and Life Sciences, Computational Social Sciences, Earth Systems, GeoIntelligence and Transportation, and Evidence-based Policy.

    Data Science Tools for Discovering Indicators for Interactions in Finance and Government Sector

    Duration: 2017-2018
    Interdisciplinary project with the School of Pub­lic Pol­icy (GMU)

    – Identifying keyplayers (influencers)
    – Study their behavior in the finance and government sector

    – Fusing diverse sources of facts (People, Roles in gov., Activities in financial sector)
    – Heterogeneous Information Network Analysis
    – Retrieving rich relationship patterns between diverse entities
    – Visualizing relationship network to explore potential keyplayers by domain experts

Industrial Projects

  • Text Mining on Litigation Documents

    Interdisciplinary project with an consultant company that works with law firms

    – litigation document categorization
    – cost-effective, reasonable and accurate
    - lawyers in the document analysis loop

  • Efficient query processing and mining in Heterogeneous Information Networks

    This industrial project is in collaboration with the Siemens AG (Siemens CT) in Munich
  • High throughput spatial data stream management and analysis

    This project is in the context of a collaboration with BMW-CarIT in Munich