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BA: Colored Motif Search In Heterogeneous Information Networks

Examples of Heterogeneous Network Motifs with 3 nodes and 3 typs, and 4 nodes and 2 types.
Figure taken from [1]

Network motifs form the elemental building blocks of a network. They are called heterogeneous, if we in addtition to the node and link structure also consider the types of both nodes and edges. Previous work (e.g. [1]) has already targeted heterogeneous motifs, however it only considered types on the nodes, but not the edges. The goal of this work is to extend the previous work to also handle typed, and directed edges between the nodes.

For more information please contact Christian Beth, M.Sc.

[1] Heterogeneous Network Motifs, Rossi, Ryan A., et al. ". arXiv preprint (2019)