Archaeoinformatics - Data Science

Former Academic Staff

Yannic Kropp, PhD (CAU)




Pavlos Paraskevopoulos - Postdoc (GMU)

Research Area: Involved in all Data Science projects, Special focus on Heterogeneous Information Network Analysis

Klaus Arthur Schmid

(Ph.D.) Siemens CT, Former PhD student, finished his PhD in 2016

Andreas Züfle

Assistant Professor at GMU / Former Postdoc in my Team

Francis Opoku - PhD Student (GMU) / External

Research Area: Data Science Tools for Discovering Indicators for Interactions in Finance and Government Sector

Sebastian Mattheis - PhD Student (BMW-CarlIT, LMU) / External

Research Area: High throughput data stream management and analysis

Maximilian Franzke - PhD Student (LMU) / External

Research Area: Querying and Mining Heterogeneous Spatial, Social, and Temporal Data

Christian Frey - PhD Student (LMU) / External

Research Area: Efficient query processing and mining in Heterogeneous Information Networks