Archaeoinformatics - Data Science

NeoBzHouses: Merging Databases of Archaeological House Data

Over the course of several years a variety of research projects have been conducted answering questions related to housing in the past. Naturally, these projects focussed on different aspects and created data about houses from varying perspectives.

This project aims to support ongoing and future research in this area to create an overview of data collected so far (e.g. geographical distribution, dating, house features on several levels of granularity and so on), which then provides a basis for further research and reduces the risk of redundancy when starting a new research project and the associated data acquisition / collection.

The data integration and processing effort in this project, which involves data from about 9 former and ongoing projects, is part of the larger complex around the Landman Portal project (Z2) in CRC 1266.


For more details, please contact Steffen Strohm, M.Sc.